To My Beloved Bernie Supporters – Together We Heal

To all my beloved Bernie Sanders supporters and non-supporters:

Right now, many of us are working through an unbelievable loss. This loss is no different than a death. We are in pain, we are hurting, we are asking ourselves all the questions, we are trying to dig ourselves out, and we’re finding it hard to be functional given the news that Bernie is not running for president. Well, I’m here today to tell you that you don’t need to make a decision about what to do right now. Right now, the only thing you need to do is work through the emotional business of this loss by picking up the pieces and laying them all out on the table so that you can see the picture of your life right now and decide how you want to put that puzzle back together. If you want to change your party so that you can vote for a different candidate, then you can put the puzzle back together that way. If you want to follow Bernie by voting for Hillary, that is also your choice. If you want to go green for Jill, or vote libertarian for Gary, or move to the red for Trump, that decision is yours and yours alone.

You don’t ever have to feel guilt or shame for any decision that you make, and you never ever have to defend that decision to anybody else no matter how many names they call you, or how manipulative they try to be getting you to go for their candidate because that vote belongs to you. My friends are already pushing me to vote for Hillary, and the manipulation tactics have started. I say today, and continue to say, that I have not yet made my decision, and when I do, the only person who needs to know is me.

On a personal level, I always vote based on my principles of unity, love, and compassion for all human beings, animals, and this planet. I know this is not for everybody, and I respect you if you vote for Trump or Hilary, Gary, Jill, write in Bernie, or any of the other options including not voting at all, because in the United States that is our right as citizens.

We are united in that we are all Americans. We are united in that we all love our country, even if we don’t like the way it behaves. We are united in that we want what we think is best for the people of this country, and in that thinking we need to be supportive of all of our neighbors for the votes that they cast.

Each of us are infinitely powerful human beings capable of changing the world. To me, the most beautiful part of this revolution is that Bernie has led us to a place where we’re coming into our own strength, and we are learning just how powerful we are. Bernie united like-minded people in a way I’ve never seen in my life. I truly believe he had divine inspiration and friends like the spirit of Dr. King to guide him on this incredible journey – which is not over.

Over the last year or so, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the posts on all of these Bernie groups. I’m so happy to be part of this movement, I’m so happy to be doing it with all of you, and it doesn’t matter who you vote for as long as you do it with an open, BERNING heart and in line with the thinking that brought you to Bernie in the first place.

As we continue to move on and digest our emotions, let’s take time to give thanks and have gratitude that we live in this great country, let’s get extra rest and make sure our meditations are regular, and let’s focus on nourishing our bodies with the healthiest food which will be supportive of healing and give us the energy to take on this inevitably bumpy road that will lead us to our next president and beyond…

I love you all and hope and pray for the healing of everyone.

The Guru Girl




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