How to Find Your “Self” and Become a Super Human!

I see so many people who are just living and making decisions, and they never know why they do anything. This is likely the result of social programming. The good thing about social programming, is that once you’re programmed you can just live without thinking much; however, social programming can be very, very destructive. When you don’t live consciously, you can make a lot of problems for yourself and others. Living unconsciously is divisive and doesn’t unite you with the spirit of your true nature. Here’s my next challenge for you:

Sit in a quiet place, and close your eyes. Once your eyes are closed, pay attention to your thoughts and emotions. If you’re angry that you’re sister is gossiping and spreading lies about you, realize that your anger is just a layer of emotion on top of you. Let it go. If you’re stressed that your desk is piled with work festering like an infected zit, realize that stress and stressors are layers on top of you and that you exist beyond that stress. Let it go. Offer it up. If your back is killing you from sitting in a chair all day, realize that your body feels pain, but your true self exists beyond your body and the pain. Let that pain go. Give it up and find yourself beyond the pain. Watch your breath until you realize that you are not your breath. Let that go too.

If you do this exercise with every thought, emotion, or sensation, eventually you’ll be left with just you in a pure – the purest – state of being.

Sit there for about 20 minutes, and just feel that. If you feel more thoughts, just let them go. Don’t judge them. Don’t focus on them. Just watch them like, “Hey, oh there’s a thought. Ok. Bye thought!”

Now. There. That is what we call the Self. It’s not your ego, it’s not your thoughts or emotions or problems or sensations. It’s just you. The big you. The real you. The whole you. This is the you that is connected with all the other yous in the world: your bitchy sister, your boss that piles on the work, and everyone else. Without the ego, you won’t find things so stressful either. You’ll recognize that the spirit of your true self is the same spirit that runs through every other thing.

Do this every day and you’ll be a super human!

super woman


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